Medically Induced Weight Loss: 4 People Who Benefit From It


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Medically Induced weight loss may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to losing weight. But it’s a great way to drop those pounds while following a strict program.

Instead of a personal trainer, your doctor is in the driver’s seat. This is where your plan, diet, and prescriptions come from. Sometimes there are underlying issues that prevent you from losing weight and keeping it off. For this, it’s recommended to turn to a doctor for help.

This article tells you what medical weight loss, 4 people who benefit from it the most, and how Florida Health & Wellness Institute treats our weight loss patients.

What is Medically Induced Weight Loss

Medically induced weight loss is simply a diet plan, fitness plan, and medicines supplied and monitored by a physician. Before any treatment or medicines are administered, many physicians conduct tests on their patients. This gives your doctor better insight into your weight loss battle.

Creating a customized diet and lifestyle plan from these tests allows you to follow a regiment given to you by your physician. Not everyone is built the same. Because of this, different circumstances exist in all of us.

During the course of the program, your physician monitors your progress and adjusts your plan as needed. Patients who choose medical weight loss have seen a higher success rate than the average self-managed diets and lifestyle plans.


Who Can Benefit From It

Though medically induced weight loss can be used by anyone, for some, it can be life or death. These are 3 people who benefit and need a medically induced weight loss program.

1. The Obese and Overweight

When your weight and body fat mass reach an unhealthy level, you are more than likely overweight. Obesity is a disease occurs when a person’s weight and fat mass exceed being overweight.

At this point, medically induced weight loss may be the best option. Being overweight or obese does not exclusively come from eating too much. Underlying medical conditions can also be a major cause. This is where a medical physician is needed.

Your physician should run tests to determine your body’s chemical build-up and find out about any medical conditions that contribute to your massive weight gain. Having this information allows your physician to create the proper plan needed to reach your weight loss goal.

Obese and overweight patients who are having bariatric surgery receive custom weight loss plans by their physician to follow before the surgery takes place.

2. Those Who Need Surgery

Patients in need of certain surgeries are required by their doctor or insurance provider to participate in a medically induced weight loss program. As mentioned before, obese and overweight patients who are having surgery receive custom plans from their physicians.

But those patients may also be required to see that physician if their insurance is covering the procedure. Insurance companies that cover bariatric surgeries track of your weight-loss counseling to see if you complete the goals set forth by your physician.

3. Diabetes Patients

Diabetes can a tricky disease. It causes extreme damage to the blood vessels and leads to issues with the eyes, liver, kidney, and increases the chance for stroke or heart attack.

Unfortunately, anyone can get diabetes. The type of food and lack of healthy life choices can lead to this anti-insulin disease. Type-2 diabetes is common among the two. With a change in diet and health choices, people can rid themselves of diabetes.

A medically induced weight loss program prescribed by your physician can help you eat better foods and create custom exercise programs. Since diabetes is common in overweight and obese people, creating a proper diet helps regulate blood sugar levels and maintain healthy insulin levels.

Our Treatment

Each of our patients is different. This means a one and done treatment for every patient would be a disaster. Dr. Pelaez wants his patients to know the weight plans he provides are created specifically for their build-up.

Along with your custom lifestyle plan, we also administer HCG injections to help reduce food intake and calorie build up. HCG works naturally to release deeply-stored fat into the bloodstream, which is then used to provide energy and decrease appetite in eligible patients. This, in turn, helps patients lose localized fat from excessively flabby areas without disrupting the body’s natural balance.

However, HCG may be completely ineffective if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Though many of us are currently living under quarantine conditions, Dr. Pelaez and his staff still treat his current and new medically induced weight loss patients through Telemedicine. Never miss an appointment and have the continued support you need right from home.

Dr. Pelaez and the Florida Health & Wellness Institute not only want you to stay safe but more importantly, stay healthy.

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