Are Your Supplements Safe?

The Dilemma Seventy percent of adults in the U.S. take some form of nutritional supplement.  There are many good reasons to consider supplementing a balanced diet with nutritional supplements.  Among them: Many foods are not as rich as they once were in nutrients by the time you consume them – due to depleted or damaged

Controversies of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Few topics in medicine have created more confusion for millions of women than the controversies surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  For many years, physicians recommended HRT to menopausal women, based upon studies demonstrating significant health benefits and protection against everything from heart disease and osteoporosis, to colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  Then, in a sudden

Chronic Disease

More than one-third of the American population is chronically ill.  That doesn’t factor in the idea that you can be 80 percent unwell before the first symptoms of disease manifest.  Even if you have no outward signs of disease, you may still be heading into a downward spiral that will cause chronic disease later in

Biological Age: How old are you…really?

Unless you’ve inherited a rare genetic disorder or have been in an accident, everyone generally starts aging at a similar rate.  By the time we hit our 30s, however, biologic function and performance has already started to decline for many.  The rate of decline varies dramatically among individuals.  While some people will lose a function

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